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Industry Partnerships

Operations Services Group Indigenous (OSGI)

OSGI is a 100% owned, led and staffed indigenous company. We are part of a strategic alignment of companies offering a broad range of complementary solutions and products throughout Australia and regional Australia. OSGI is a newly established company supported by complementary business units and partners encompassing all aspects of facility maintenance and minor works.

We understand it is a high priority for your organisation to keep owned assets maintained to an acceptable standard and therefore OSGI will provide the same standard of expert advisory, planning, delivery and support services. We aim to lead the way in providing exceptional facility maintenance services to our clients who are seeking a more personal and professional approach to the demands of the progressive and sophisticated marketplace.

Through the collaborations of the group, we’ve built a solid foundation of directly-employed staff that are highly experienced, some with over 20 years in the industry. Our knowledge of government and the property sector means we are trusted to deliver quality maintenance and advice to any leading organisation.

We provide quality procurement advice across the organization including experience in the establishment of projects and program of works, delivery stages. This includes good governance commercial and financial risks and dispute resolutions. We focus on value for money and work to develop solutions best fit with the individual needs of our customers.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the government and indigenous communities, by demonstrating our in-house capabilities required to deliver goods and services to government and to make a change within community. We are committed to supporting cultural acknowledgement, social change and economic growth within the indigenous communities throughout Australia. Our work within indigenous and non-indigenous communities has been recognised worldwide through an online campaign on change.org/bridgeflag led by the Director of OSGI, Cheree Toka.

Cheree has sponsored the campaign through the group and ultimately wishes to obtain 10,000 hand-written signatures to get the Aboriginal flag permanently on top of the Sydney Harbour bridge 365 days a year as it currently flies 15 days a year for Australia Day, Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week.

OSGI understands that the economic and social empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples must be achieved to close the economics gap. Therefore, we will create and embed opportunities throughout existing services within OSGI. This integrated approach will ensure knowledge sharing and a mutual understanding across the organization, between staff, partners, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and organisations

Achieving Operational Excellence

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